Boosted Mini S vs Mini X Review & Comparison
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Boosted Mini S vs Mini X Review & Comparison

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Boosted Mini S vs Mini X Review & Comparison

Boosted Mini S & Mini X Key Features and Comparison

Take a look at the key features between the Boosted Mini S vs Mini X below, and carry on reading for our in depth review of the two electric skateboards.

DimensionsSpeedRangeCharging timeWeightSmartphone appWaterproof ratingLightsMax Load
75 x 28 x 13 cm (29.5 x 11 x 5.2 inches)Mini S 29 km/h (18 m/h)
Mini X 32 km/h (20 m/h)
Mini S 11 km (7 miles)
Mini X 22 km (14 miles)
Mini S 1h15min 0-100%
Mini X 1h45min 0-100%
Mini S 6.8 kg (15 lbs)
Mini X 7.7 kg (17 lbs)
YesNot WaterproofNo lightsN/A

Boosted Mini S vs Mini X

Boosted Mini S vs Mini X

We are very excited to finally bring you Boosted Boards review and comparison. The amazing light electric skateboard company founded in California in 2012 was able to successfully finish their Kickstarter campaign by smashing $100k goal and generating $467k from their backers. Six years later Boosted Boards are selling their third generation powerful electric skateboards which are competing for the best electric skateboard title.

The electric skateboard market from the beginning of its existence almost entirely contained just electric longboards. Nowadays these green electric vehicles are widely used for last mile commute, so we see a big need for smaller, more manoeuvrable, portable shortboards.

This is exactly what Boosted Boards saw, and filled the market gap with amazing shortboards that are not only more manoeuvrable and smaller but also competitively priced than market-leading electric longboards. They’re excellent electric skateboards for commuting since they’re small and lightweight but also powerful and manoeuvrable.

Today in our comparison review we will look at brand new Boosted Mini S and Mini X shortboards. We’ll go through a comprehensive review of the Boosted Mini S and Mini X, a comparison of the Boosted Mini S vs Mini X and our opinion which we prefer, and of course, some advice on which electric shortboard best fits your needs.

Speed, Power & Distance

Speed, Power & Distance

Both Boosted Mini S and Mini X are powered by the same 1000 Watt belt-drive motors. We were a little surprised that by having the same motors they have different max speed and acceleration power. We think they have tweaked the Mini X software for higher performance, but this is just our theory.

Boosted Mini S & Mini X Price
Check the latest prices on the Mini S & Mini X

How fast does it go?

The Boosted Board Mini S documented max speed is 29 km/h (18 m/h). The Mini X max speed is 32 km/h (20 m/h). During our tests we noticed that we had trouble reaching max documented speeds. From our three testers only 1 (the lightest one) was able to reach these speeds. The other 2 riders were 2-3 km/h (1-2 m/h) short of the max speed.

As you can see the speed difference is almost negligable. We think alone does not justify buying Mini X over Mini S.

Does it have more than one speed setting?

We were always advocates of multiple speed settings. So obviously, we give Boosted Boards bonus points for adding 3 speed modes into their Boosted Mini shortboards.

The three modes are:

  • Beginner – top speed of 18 km/h (11 m/h) with limited acceleration, little to no hill climb.
  • Eco – top speed of 26 km/h (16 m/h) with moderate acceleration, small hill climb.
  • Expert – max speed, max acceleration, and 20% gradient hill climb.

Different speed modes are great for beginners to safely get used to electric skateboarding. Being able to monitor speed also makes them good electric skateboards for commuting in busy traffic.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Boosted Boards do not mention any age restrictions or limits. However, having in mind how fast these small electric skateboards are you need to be very careful and supervise young kids and inexperienced riders. These boards are not just meant to be toys!

We couldn’t find any information on the weight limits for the Mini S or Mini X. Their 2nd generation longboards can hold 113 kg (250 lbs) but these are longboards, so the Mini series could very well have different limits. If you would like to find the weight limit, we recommend getting in contact with the supplier/manufacturer.

What is the range/distance?

The range that you can get from these commuter shortboards is probably one of the most important decision factors, at least for us, when deciding which one to choose.

Boosted Board Mini S can reach 11 km (7 miles) with a full charge and Mini X 22 km (14 miles) with 100% battery.

The Mini S board max range is already quite low and we know from experience that most personal electric vehicles state max range/distance in perfect conditions. In reality, you will likely get less when you take hills and rider weight into account.  Unless you just want the board for short distances, and just last mile commutes we would reccomend Mini X.

Can it be used offroad?

No. Boosted Board Mini series shortboards are developed entirely for use on streets, pavements, and smooth surfaces. Small wheels powered by belt-driven motors just won’t handle any rocks, sand, or soft earth.

Boosted Mini S & Mini X Price
Check the latest prices on the Mini S & Mini X

Battery Life & Charging

Battery Life & Charging

We couldn’t find any information about the battery on Boosted Boards website or their manuals we just know that the Mini S has their regular Lithium-Ion and the Mini X has the bigger extended range Lithium-Ion battery.

How long does it take to charge?

The regular Mini S battery will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes to charge and the extended Mini X battery 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Battery protection & safety

Boosted Boards batteries have the BMS (battery management system), which is hardware and software to keep the battery operation and charging safe. The BMS protects from:

  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Overcurrent
  • Overtemperature
  • Short circuit

One appealing thing about the Mini S battery is that it is 99Wh and meets the IATA requirements for air travel. The Mini X battery is more powerful 199Wh and cannot be taken on board, unfortunately.

How long will the battery last for?

Lithium-Ion batteries usually last for around 1000 charge cycles, due to the short range on the Mini S, we do have some concerns on how long this will last for, as it will require more regular charging so you might go through the charge cycles quicker.

However, Boosted Boards do have replacement batteries sold if you need to replace it. The swapping won’t be as fast as Inboard M1 quick swap batteries, but with the help of an Allen key and 15-20 minutes, you should replace your dead battery without much trouble.

Design & Ergonomics

Design and Ergonomics

We love how Boosted Board electric shortboards look. They are very aesthetic looks modern and slick and the deep dish look reflects 80s skateboards that were used to do tricks on pipes. Additionally, the shortboard can be properly used with the kicktail to do sharp turns.

Mini S and Mini X designs are very similar in terms of design, the most noticable difference is that the Mini S has orange wheels and Mini X has gray wheels. We do favor the orange wheels since they give more color and life to the black skateboard. If you choose the Mini X you are always able to buy and switch to the orange wheels.

boosted mini s wheels


Since Boosted Board shortboards have batteries on the bottom of their decks they will be quite stiff. They won’t be as flexible as longboards which does make them less ergonomic.

Boosted Mini S & Mini X Price
Check the latest prices on the Mini S & Mini X

What material is it made from?

Boosted Boards Mini series decks are made from a composite material containing poplar wood core and triaxial fiberglass for maximum strength along with protective sheets for minimum wear.

Being made from light material you would expect this shortboard to be quite light. However, we were actually quite suprised with the weight. The Mini S shortboard weighs 6.8 kg (15 lbs) and Mini X with its extended range battery 7.7 kg (17 lbs). The Mini series shortboards weigh almost the same as Boosted Boards longboards. For small electric shortboards, we did expect them to be much lighter.


The remote for Mini series board remote is quite intuitive and has a jerk filter, which makes your acceleration and braking a bit smoother. This is especially useful for beginner riders who haven’t yet got used to the controls.

Along with acceleration wheel and braking trigger you will find a number of lights on the side of remote to indicate battery life, speed mode, and connection to the board.

Boosted Board Remote Control

It is a bit sad the remote does not have an LCD screen for more convenient observation of battery life, speed modes, and the speed itself.

For beginner electric skateboarders we would advise using lower speed modes at first. This is because the expert mode on the braking and accelerating is very intense. You could easily throw you off the board even with the jerk filter on the remote.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Yes Boosted Mini series skateboards have iOS or Android compatible smartphone app. The app allows tracking your mileage and estimate range based on battery level. It also handles important updates to your board with the latest software to add performance features or fix bugs.

Boosted boards app review

If you download the Boosted app on your smartwatch you will also be able to see your current live speed.

Build quality and ease of use

We don’t have any complaints about the quality of the board. The polymer sidewalls with tail puck protect the high-quality material deck from abrasions and impacts. While reinforced hardware mounts provide extra strength to the build.

The Boosted Mini series electric shortboards are not only easy to use but also easy to learn how to ride. They are a great introduction to electric skateboard because of their different speed modes. Starting from beginner mode you can learn the controls, feel the board, and then slowly move on to higher speeds for fun and fast commute.

Safety and usability on the road

Boosted Mini series shortboards really are are quite fast. We would advise our readers to wear a helmet and safety pads to avoid injuries.

If you want to ride at night make sure you wear reflective gear and have proper lights. The Mini series skateboards don’t have any lights or reflective decals on them.

Are Boosted Mini skateboards waterproof?

The Mini series e-boards do not have an IP waterproof rating and should be kept out of any rain, puddles, or other water sources to protect the battery and electronics. We do think think this is a big disadvantage.


Contrary to longboards Mini series shortboards are much more manoeuvrable due to the kicktail and wide trucks. They make an excellent option for last mile commuters who need to stop fast, make quick turns, and swerve in and out of traffic.

Being made as an 80s classic shortboard the Mini series boards dimensions are 75 x 28 x 13 cm (29.5 x 11 x 5.2 inches). This allows not only good manoeuvrability but also can be stored much easier than the longboard siblings.

Restrictions and availability

Boosted Boards is now a very widely known company that has over 200 retail partners in North America and a dozen in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Most of the world should be available to get their hands on the Mini series boards.

Just if you decide to ride on public roads, and pavements be sure to check your local laws if these powerful electric vehicles are street legal.

Coupons / Black Friday 2023

Boosted Board Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2023

Many savings conscious skaters will likely be hoping for some Boosted Board Black Friday deals. With a history of enticing skaters with Black Friday deals from 2016-18, we believe it to be very likely for Boosted to follow this up in 2023. Furthermore, will there any Boosted Board Cyber Monday deals?

After a year on the market, and a mentioned history of offering Black Friday discounts, we believe this to be more than likely. We also found some websites offering Boosted Board Black Friday preorder discounts last year in 2020.

However, we expect Thanksgiving weekend deals for 2023 will be posted in the middle of November, as there is nothing on Boosted’s blog yet. Furthermore, always be sure to fact check, some websites raise prices just before Black Friday, sometimes these “discounted” deals are even more expensive!

So if you’re looking to buy we think it will be worth waiting until Thanksgiving and deals week to get the best price. Any price information, news, and Boosted Board Black Friday 2023 deals we come across will be listed on this page, so keep your eye on this board.

Boosted Mini S & Mini X Price
Check the latest prices on the Mini S & Mini X
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