Fastest Electric Scooters 2023 Review

Fastest Electric Scooters 2023 Review

Fastest Electric Scooters of 2023

Fastest Electric Scooter of 2023

Many eScooter enthusiasts are wondering about the fastest electric scooters of 2023, many of which we will cover throughout this review. With such a huge number of models on the market, finding the best performing and fastest scooters can be challenging; a number of models offer enhanced performance in certain areas, whereas some simply offer a serious motor power. In this fastest electric scooters 2023 review, we take a look at the fastest top speed,fastest accelerating, most powerful electric scooter and the best for climbing hills.

These high performance eScooters make great travel alternatives for commuters and eScooter thrill-seekers alike. With some models offering up to 60 mp/h top speeds, the scooters on this list are best suited to long distance commuters and also serious eScooter enthusiasts. Due to the incredible power offered by all models on our fastest electric scooters list, these best suit adults and experienced riders. Before we begin, we’re going to start off with the overall most powerful and fastest electric scooter, beating all others on the list, the Dualtron Thunder.

ModelMotorMax speedRangeSuitable for off road?Waterproof?Max weightCharging timeBluetooth or Smartphone app? LED lightsMax climbing angle
Dualtron Thunder5400W (Dual 2700W motors)56 mp/h75 miles (120 km)YesNot specified330 lbs (150 kg)4 hoursNoYes35 degrees
Outstorm Duel3200/5000W 56 mp/h83 miles (38.5Ah Battery model)YesNot specified385 lbs (175 kg)7-9 hoursNoYes30 degrees
QIEWA Q-Power3200W56 mp/h56 miles (90 km)YesIPX5 water resistant - resists low-pressure water jet spray440 lbs (200 kg)7 hoursNoYes30 degrees
Nanrobot LS73600W52 mp/h62 miles (100 km)YesNot specified330 lbs (150 kg)8-10 hoursNoYes65 degrees
Turbowheel Lightning+3600W45 mp/h35-50 miles (56-80 km)NoNot specified150 kg (330 lbs)3 hoursNoYesNot specified
QIEWA Q1Hummer800W37 mp/h (59.5 km/h)68 miles (109.5 km)YesIP65 waterproof rated550 lbs (250 kg)8-12 hoursNoYes35 degrees

Overall Best: Dualtron Thunder

Overall Best: Dualtron Thunder

  • 56 mp/h
  • 43kg weight
  • 120 km range
  • Dual 2700W motors
  • 11 inch tubeless tires
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Dual disc hydraulic brakes
  • Steel shaft
  • Fully folding
  • Front & rear lights
  • Tackle inclines of up to 35 degrees
  • Fast charging – Approx. 4 hour charge time

The Dualtron Thunder offers a phenomenal package of power and speed, all in one magnificent model. As such, we’ve written it’s own section, so as to not constantly outshine every other eScooter on the list. With a tremendous top speed of 56 mp/h, keeping up with this super fast electric scooter is a challenge. For some perspective, that’s only  14 miles off the speed limit of most highways (70 mp/h)!dualtron thunder fastest electric scooter review 2023

The Dualtron Thunder certainly is one of the fastest electric scooters available in the world, alongside one of the top performing; offering an incredible 120 km range and tackles steep inclines of up to 35 degrees. That’s over double most eScooters on the market right now. Race up steep hills with ease, the Dualtron Thunder’s 5400 W dual motors will never tire or compromise. That’s not to mention the huge, puncture proof, solid rubber, 11 inch tubeless tires offering great grip and control.

Incredible power & performance

Front & rear lights ensure that you stay safe and seen during riding, no matter the time. However, we still recommend wearing a high visibility jacket and helmet when riding, especially when going anywhere near top speed. All of this potent performance, with a charge time of just 5 hours (with fast charger), which is an insane charge time for such speed & range. However, without fast charging, there are reports that charging the Dualtron Thunder can take as long as 20 hours! Although riders have the option to charge even faster with dual charging ports; or save energy by choosing from 1 of 3 power modes.

fastest electric scooter black friday

Also includes a number of optional accessories, such as waterproof phone case, fingerprint unlocking, turn signals, wireless phone charger, etc. Make no mistake, this is one of the highest performing electric scooters available and is long past the “toy” stage. 56 mp/h is no joke; ensure that you’re wearing correct safety gear and protect yourself.

Truly one incredible performer, although the also incredibly high price tag more than makes up for this. Moving on, let’s go to our fastest top speed section of this review below.

Check prices for the Dualtron Thunder here

Fastest Top Speed

Fastest top speed

With so much emphasis on performance, one of the most crucial factors is top speed. After all, what’s the point in riding something that will take you even longer than walking? That’s why we’ve compiled our list of some of the fastest electric scooters, perfect for all you thrill seeking scooter enthusiasts.

Please note, variables such as rider weight, terrain, incline, etc. will impact overall performance, including top speed. With that out of the way, let’s get started on our list of the fastest electric scooters of 2023.

#1. Dualtron Thunder – 56 mp/h

#2. Outstorm MAXX – 56 mp/h

  • Top speed of 56 mp/h
  • Approx. 83 mile range (38.5Ah Battery model)
  • Max. weight of 385 lbs (175 kg)
  • Charges in 7-9 hours
  • Optional gel seat
  • 11″ off-road tires
  • Cruise control
  • Fully folding
  • Regenerative braking
  • Suitable for on & off-road use
  • 3200/5000W models available
  • Tackle inclines up to 30 degrees
  • Choose from 3 speed modes & 2 power modes
  • Ultra bright LED headlights & coloured sidelights

At #2 on our list, the Outstorm MAXX is certainly one of the fastest electric scooters available on the market. Boasting an impressive top speed of 56 mp/h, on par with the incredible Dualtron Thunder (excluded from lists as it wins everything). The Outstorm MAXX offers a number of models with varying levels of motor power, top speed and range.

The more powerful model further features a beefy 5000 W motor, just 800W short of the Thunder and still more power than anyone could hope to ask for. As with the Dualtron Thunder and most other scooters on this list; please ensure that you wear proper safety gear when riding even half of these speeds, as you’re travelling nearly as fast as a car, minus the seatbelt!

outstorm MAXX performance scooter

With a 56 mp/h top speed, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with many speed-limit abiding cars on highways and in towns. Alongside this, the Outstorm MAXX can also travel for up to 83 miles off a single charge, taking approx. 9 hours to recharge. Relatively speaking, this is a pretty fast charging time for such a large battery and motor, with most high performance eScooters requiring at least 12+ hours.

Furthermore, regenerative brakes convert kinetic braking energy back into power for your battery, helping you go that extra mile. Some may fear such 5000 W power in the hands of mere mortals, fear not however; take your pick from 3 speed modes and 2 power modes to best suit your skill level or mood.

Designed for maximum performance, wherever you go

Alongside this, dual motor control and cruise control are featured, making your morning commute or trip to the shops even easier. Roadside use has been carefully considered in the design of the Outstorm MAXX; ultra-bright LED headlights and LED board lightning to help you stay seen and safe, no matter the time of day.

However, the lack of brake lights is a bit of an issue, we suggest that you always dress appropriately in high visibility clothing and wear a helmet. Described as suitable for “rugged on and off-road use”, which is also a perfect descriptive for its design; rugged yet carefully constructed for optimal performance and ample comfort. However, we insist that you check your local laws to see if your region allows e-scooters on the road.

Fastest electric scooter review 2023

High impact PU suspension, enhanced shock absorption and 11″ off road tires ensure a smooth and controlled ride when tackling all types of terrain. Alongside this, the potent power of the Outstorm MAXX allow it to climb steep terrains up to 30 degrees, almost double many conventional eScooters on the market.

All of this incredible performance featured in a neat, folding frame to make transport and storage a breeze. The Outstorm MAXX is most certainly one of the most powerful and fastest electric scooters in this review, if not in the world. Moving on to the next on our list, the Qiewa Power, another suitably named scooter.

Check prices for the Outstorm MAXX here

#3. Qiewa Q-Power – 56 mp/h

  • Top speed of 56 mp/h
  • Max range approx. 56 miles
  • Max. weight approx. 200 kg
  • Fully folding
  • 3200W motor
  • Cruise control
  • Weighs just 37 kg
  • Power saving mode
  • Front & rear lighting
  • Double hydraulic brakes
  • Double charging interface
  • 45 degree shock absorber
  • 11 inch off-road pneumatic tires
  • Tackle inclines up to 30 degrees

Next on our fastest electric scooters of 2023 and matching both the Outstorm MAXX and Dualtron Thunder in top speed, the Qiewa Q-Power. The Power offers a top speed of 56 mp/h, which is impressive since it’s 3200W motor is at least 1800W weaker than the MAXX & Thunder.

However, the Qiewa Q-Power doesn’t let that stop it, placing itself high up as one of the fastest electric scooters on the market and offering ample performance for anyone. Furthermore, it takes around just 7 hours to charge, which is relatively low compared to many similarly performing scooters taking 12+ hours.

Qiewa QPower fastest offroad electric scooter

This e-scooter is most certainly full of features; offering double hydraulic brakes, cruise control, double controllers, power saving mode, double charging interface, double brake lights and much more. Furthermore, the Qiewa Q-Power supports max. weights of up to 200 kg (440 lbs), which is seriously stronger than the majority of e-scooters on the market.

All of this supported by its durable 37 kg alloy frame, making it capable of supporting almost x10 it’s own weight. In terms of hill climbing and terrain tackling, the Q-Power also offers more than enough; capable of propelling a 165 lbs rider up a 200 ft, 10% grade hill in just 7.5 seconds! This is in thanks to both motor power and those terrific, 11 inch all-terrain tackling tires.

fastest escooter 2023

Top tier performance at a reduced price

Combined with 45 degree double shock absorbing suspension, tackling terrain and off-road elements is a breeze and will never compromise rider control. Further featuring a fully folding frame for easy storage and transport, alongside a kickstand for easy standing. Stay seen and safe no matter the time, thanks to super bright LED headlights and rear brake lights.

Although, we still recommend wearing suitable protective gear (hi-visibility jacket, helmet, gloves, etc.) when riding at night or high speeds. What’s more, the Q-Power is actually one of the cheaper options in comparison, whilst still offering near identical performance to the rest. Qiewa claim that the QPower features an IPX5 waterproof rating, however they later reported that the IP rating is not “official”. However, Qiewa state that the QPower does features waterproofing and is perfectly suitably for light rain, but do not submerge.

Qiewa Q Power Black Friday Cyber Monday

With such explosive power and features all in one model, it’s easy to see why the Q-Power is one of the best fastest electric scooters available. It offers a terrific top speed on par with the best, whilst also featuring a slightly less powerful motor at a reduced priced.

All in all, the Q-Power gives extremely similar performance to the best on this list, so don’t let the motor power fool you. However, there’s no time to lose, let’s move to next on our fastest electric scooters of 2023, the Nanrobot LS7.

Check prices for the QIEWA Q-Power here

#4. Nanrobot LS7 – 52 mp/h

  • Top speed of 52 mp/h (85 km)
  • Max. range approx. 62 miles (100 km)
  • Max. load capacity of 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Choose from front, rear and all wheel drive
  • Hill climbing hero – Tackle inclines of up to 65 degrees!
  • Charging time of 8-10 hours
  • 3600W dual drive motor
  • Front headlights

The Nanrobot LS7 is another key contender as one of the fastest electric scooters of the year. Featuring two dual drive 1800W motors to give this beast a total motor power of 3600W, more than enough to propel it to a top speed of 52 mp/h. The dual drive motor also allows riders to choose from front, rear and all wheel drive.

This top speed is more than enough to keep up with speed limits on most roads, although we recommend wearing suitable protective gear when riding at these speeds. Furthermore, we insist that you check your local laws to see if your region allows e-scooters on the road. The Nanrobot LS7 offers a phenomenal range of 62 miles (100 km), which makes it one of the longest distance electric scooters on our list.

most powerful electric scooter 2023

Stay seen & safe on the road

Alongside this, the LS7 also supports a max. weight of up to 150 kg (330 lb), not quite as much as the Q-Power but still more than enough. Unlike other performance e-scooters on this list, the Nanrobot LS7 isn’t as suited for off-road functionality. Whilst still featuring beefy, 11 inch pneumatic tires with great grip, they still look a little small.

That’s not to say that the LS7 doesn’t operate off-road, just not to the same degree as the rest. Front headlights are included to help you see and stay seen, although there is no evidence of any rear brake lights. As such, we insist that you wear suitable equipment when riding at high speeds or at night; high-visibility jacket, helmet and gloves are just a few examples.

nanrobot ls7 review 2023

Become a hill-climbing hero

However, the real hidden gem of the Nanrobot LS7 is the absolutely insane 65 degree climbing angle, over triple that of most e-scooters available and almost double the Dualtron Thunder. Seriously, this eScooter must have been built for tackling hills, because we’ve never seen any other scooter come close to tackling that degree of incline.

All of this phenomenal performance at almost half the price of the Dualtron Thunder, great for scooter enthusiasts who pine for performance but want to save some money. Not only one of the fastest electric scooters available, but also one of the best for hill climbing!

Check prices for the Nanrobot LS7 here

#5. Turbowheel Lightning+ – 45 mp/h

  • Top speed of 45 mp/h
  • Max range of approx. 35-50 miles
  • Max load of approx. 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Key security
  • Fully folding
  • 3600W motor
  • Superb suspension
  • Dual-hydraulic disc brakes
  • Great performance for the price
  • Front, rear & deck lighting. Charge time of 3 hours (to 80% with optional rapid charger)

Last on our list of the fastest electric scooters of 2023 (yet still certainly keeping up with the rest on the list), the Turbowheel Lightning+. The Lightning+ features high performance dual 1000/1200W motors, aiding in propelling this super-speedy electric scooter to up to 45 mp/h.

Not only this, but the Turbowheel Lightning+ is also considerably cheaper than a number of others featured on this list; perfect for savings-stern scooter enthusiasts. Whilst it will still cost you a pretty penny, the Lightning+ definitely makes a great “budget” performance scooter, yet the features and build quality is far from budget!

Turbowheel Lightning+ fastest charging escooter

Full of features

Offering a large, spacious deck (with headlights), key security, superb suspension, dual hydraulic disc brakes, LED colour dashboard, front & rear lights and much more. Not only this, but the Turbowheel Lightning+ also offers a pretty decent 35-50 mile range (tested at 20 mp/h in ideal conditions), with a max load of 150 kg (330 lbs), pretty impressive!

All of this power ready to go in approx. just 3 hours charge time, which is incredibly fast in comparison to many other performance scooters on the market; most of which often take in excess of 12 hours to fully charge, making it one of the fastest charging electric scooters on the market. As such, its decent range, great top speed and rapid charging make the Turbowheel Lightning+ an ideal mid-long distance commuting scooter… Or just a fun ride for an avid scooter enthusiast.

turbowheel lightning fastest electric scooter review 2023

As featured in most scooters, the Lightning+ is fully folding, making transporting and storing your awesome ride a breeze. The overall build quality of the Turbowheel Lightning is exceptional and certainly up there with some of the best on the market. All in all, whilst not the fastest electric scooter on the list, the Lightning+ gives more than enough; offering similar performance to the Dualtron EX at a much lower price, the Lightning+ is the ideal performance scooter for its price.

Get the Turbowheel Lightning+ here

Fastest Accelerating Electric Scooters

Fastest accelerating electric scooters

Moving on from our fastest top speed section, we’re now taking a look at some of the fastest accelerating electric scooters available on the market. Acceleration is almost as important as overall top speed, it allows you to leave your friends in the dust as you go from 0 to 30 in half the time as they do. As you may have guessed, the Dualtron Thunder already won this and almost everything else, so it’s firmly up as #1… No surprises there.

Anyway, in this section we rate acceleration force, motor power and more to rank these super-fast electric scooters appropriately. We also factor in variables such as weight and torque power in order to reach an accurate conclusion as to which is really the fastest accelerating electric scooter.

#1. Dualtron Thunder

As we all expected, the Dualtron Thunder takes the lead as one of the fastest accelerating electric scooters currently available on the market. Its massive dual 2700W motors give the Thunder a total output of 5400W and a massive advantage over the rest.

Alongside this, the Dualtron Thunder also offers dual wheel drive, offering increased power and acceleration. The aluminium alloy frame helps shed some weight and keep the Thunder light, however all of these performance features result in a slightly heavier than average scooter.

Dualtron Thunder most powerful electric scooter

Dualtron Thunder Rear View

Although, whilst this scooter weighs a little more than the rest, it doesn’t let that slow it down at all! Offering a top speed of 56 mp/h and massive motor power allowing the Thunder to reach from 40 to 80 km/h in just 14 seconds. Honestly, the raw power, speed and performance offered by the Dualtron Thunder are nigh unbeatable, hence why it’s earned the top spot as our overall best fastest electric scooter.

#2. Outstorm MAXX

Coming in hot for a very close second in our fastest accelerating electric scooters review, the Outstorm MAXX. This model would easily be #1 if the Thunder was just a little less powerful, with its beastly 5000W motor. As expected, such a beefy motor certainly puts the Dual on par with the Thunder, alongside multiple 3200/5000W models are also available.

The fat 11″ off-road tires greatly aid in grip, giving you that extra edge when taking off from stationary or turning those corners. The Outstorm MAXX offers very similar acceleration performance to the Thunder, taking just a few seconds longer in the same test.

Outstorm MAXX most powerful electric scooter

Outstorm MAXX Side Shot

Honestly, the rivalry between the Dual and the Thunder is almost too close to make a decision between. Whilst offering marginally reduced power and the lack of few features, the Outstorm MAXX is also a fair bit cheaper than the Thunder.

Although, at 101 lbs (45 kg), the Outstorm MAXX actually weighs even more than the Thunder, affecting it’s acceleration power just that little bit more. However, that’s not to say that this isn’t one of the fastest accelerating electric scooters on our list or available on the market today.

#3. Nanrobot LS7

Last but certainly not least on our fastest accelerating electric scooters list, the Nanrobot LS7. The LS7 boasts a similarly sized 3600 W motor, propelling it to speeds of up to 52 mp/h! As such, it’s safe to say that whilst the motor size is the same, the LS7 certainly offers more power than the Lightning+. However, the LS7 and Lightning+ are very similar, both offering the same max. load capacity of 150 kg, motor power and very similar top speeds.

Nanrobot LS7 fastest escooter

Nanrobot LS7 Folded

Those wondering what the real difference is between these two would be right in doing so, and we’ll tell you: torque. The torque power on the Nanrobot LS7 is insane, with enough power to tackle inclines of up to 65 degrees! That’s easily one of the best electric scooters for hills available on the market; we’ve never seen any other scooter even come close to that kind of performance. We believe the secret is in both the design and the dual drive 3600 W motor, allowing for both front and rear drive.

Not only this, but the beefy pneumatic tires allow for greater grip on the road, perfect for getting an edge in your unlicensed scooter drag races. The Nanrobot LS7 is more than capable of reaching top speed in under 20 seconds. In fact, there are even reviews of people saying the acceleration is too powerful…

We’d expect nothing less from #3 on our fastest accelerating electric scooters. Please note, riders should double check their local laws to ensure that their region legally allows e-scooters of such power on the road.

#4. Turbowheel Lightning+

Last but certainly not least on our fastest accelerating electric scooters list, the Turbowheel Lightning+. A decently sized 3600W motor propels it to speeds of 45 mp/h for up to 50 miles; all of this (minus the 50 miles!) in just under 20 seconds of acceleration. Whilst still comparatively heavy, the Lightning+ is lighter than most (if not all) scooters featured on this list.

Weighing in at just 77 lbs (34 kg) and still capable of supporting up to 150 kg (330 lbs), over quadruple its weight. As such, this shed weight has converted nicely into increased acceleration performance, reaching 0-45 mp/h in around 15 seconds, which was pretty surprising considering the comparatively low motor power.

Turbowheel lightning fastest charging electric scooter

TurboWheel Lightning+ Lifestyle Shot

We weren’t expecting too much, although the still insane 45 mp/h top speed was certainly a thrilling moment. However, please note that variables such as rider weight, terrain, incline, etc. will have an impact on overall performance. Honestly, the Turbowheel Lightning+ offers near similar performance at a fraction of the price, whilst still packed full of features.

A perfect option for more casual commuters and scooter enthusiasts and certainly still one of the fastest accelerating electric scooters on the market. Moving swiftly on to the next section of our review, the most powerful electric scooters available.

Check prices for the Outstorm MAXX here

Most Powerful Electric Scooters

Most powerful electric scooter

#1 – Dualtron Thunder


#2 – Outstorm MAXX


#3 – Turbowheel Lightning +


#4 – Nanrobot LS7

3600 W

Best Electric Scooter for Hills / Most Torque

Best electric scooter for hills / most torque

Moving on to our next section, the best electric scooter for climbing hills. If your eScooter doesn’t have the power, tackling inclines can cause difficulty. In this list, we’ve rounded up some of the best electric scooters for climbing hills and those with the most torque power to propel you to where you need to go.

There are a number of variables to factor in when deciding which scooter is best for hill climbing and tackling varying inclines. Hill climbing scooters all follow a fairly similar design; decent motor power and sturdy, all-terrain tackling wheels. As such, these hill climbing electric scooters simply glide up even steep inclines with ease.

One e-scooter that really surprised us with its performance was the Nanrobot LS7, which we’ll talk about first on our list. The LS7 actually usurped the Dualtron Thunder for its third and final title of best electric scooter for hills; much to the surprise of us all!

A steep incline can be the bane of any commuter’s journey; having to spend an extra 10 minutes pushing your scooter up or not getting up at all… Ensure you’re more than capable of tackling any such incline with any of these high performance, hill climbing e-scooters.

Best electric scooter for hills: Nanrobot LS7

A surprising first on our list of the best hill climbing electric scooter and certainly a huge performer. Not only does the Nanrobot LS7 offer ample performance in a variety of other aspects, but it also tackles inclines of up to 65 degrees! That’s right, this hill climbing hero tackles 65 degree inclines like they’re nothing.

Furthermore, with a top speed of 52 mp/h (85 km) and a max range of 62 miles (100 km), the Nanrobot LS7 really shapes up as one of the best commuting scooters too. All of this potent performance, powered by a dual 3600 W drive motor allowing riders to choose between front, rear and all wheel drive mode; perfect for pushing out that extra power.

Nanrobot LS7 best hill climbing electric scooter

Nanrobot LS7 Side Shot

Without repeating ourselves too much, 65 degrees is an absolutely insane angle and the Nanrobot LS7’s climbing capabilities are a true marvel. Considering how the LS7 boasts a climbing angle almost double that of the next on our list, we think it’s safe to say that the LS7 truly is one of the best hill climbing electric scooters available.

Honestly, so far we’ve never seen better at hill climbing than this model; as such, the Dualtron Thunder is going to have a hard time living this one down. Easily one of the best electric scooters for hills. Lastly, those looking for something slightly cheaper, check out our Nanrobot D4+ vs D5+ review & comparison!

Check prices for the Nanrobot LS7 here

#2. Dualtron Thunder

With the incredible performance offered, everyone expected the Dualtron Thunder to also outshine any other model in all the sections. However, a massive turn of events has unfolded, with the Nanrobot LS7 taking the #1 spot as our best electric scooter for climbing hills.

To be fair, it’s quite nice mixing things up a bit; we were getting bored with seeing the Dualtron Thunder as #1 on all the lists anyway! Moving on, the Thunder offers decent, above average hill climbing capabilities, tackling inclines of up to 35 degrees.

Dualtron thunder best scooter for climbing hills

Dualtron Thunder Folded

In most circumstances, this is still a very good climb grade of almost double most conventional scooters; although, this isn’t a list of conventional scooters… As such, the LS7 was able to take the lead with that incredible 65 degree climb grade.

However, the Dualtron Thunder still outperforms in many other aspects, offering a 56 mp/h speed, 120 km range and dual drive 2700W motors for extra control. The Thunder does also charge considerably faster than the Nanrobot LS7, taking just 4 hours (fast charger). We believe that no special reservations were made to prepare the Thunder for hill climbing, it just gets there on raw power alone.

Check prices for the Dualtron Thunder here

#3. QIEWA Q1Hummer – Best for heavy riders

QIEWA Q1Hummer best electric scooter for hill climbing 2023

The QIEWA Q1Hummer is a surprising little performer. Fairly cheap in comparison to some on our list, whilst also “lacking” in some areas. A comparatively low top speed of 37 mp/h with a decent 65 mile range leaves little room for impression when facing off against the Thunder. However, this is all relative to our list, in comparison to conventional e-scooters, the Q1Hummer is most certainly up there with some of the best.

As such, we find it suitable that the Hummer takes #3 on our list of best electric scooters for climbing hills. Capable of conquering climbing grades of up to 35 degrees, on par with the Thunder. This is especially surprising, as the Q1Hummer only runs off an 800W motor, over x4 smaller than that of the Dualtron Thunder.

How QIEWA have managed to engineer an 800W motor to propel riders to 37 mp/h is actually pretty impressive. Furthermore, the Q1Hummer has one of the highest max. load weights we’ve ever seen, at 550 lbs (250 kg); of course, variables such as weight, weather, incline, etc. affect overall performance.

We feel the Q1Hummer is a little underrated actually, offering IP65 waterproofing, cruise control, an incredible weight limit, double disk braves, fully folding and more. Learn more about IP ratings here.

The Q1Hummer also boasts an incredible max. weight of 250kg, making it one of the best electric scooters for heavier riders. Not to mention it’s great at hill climbing, on par with our selected overall best, the Dualtron Thunder. For more information, read our in-depth QIEWA Q1Hummer review for 2023 here.

Check prices for the QIEWA Q1Hummer here

Honourable Mention: Zero 10X

Other Top Performers

Zero 10X

  • Top speed of 40 mp/h
  • Max. range approx. 60 miles
  • 1000W motor
  • Weighs just 35 kg
  • Max. rider weight 330 lbs
  • Front & rear LED headlights
  • Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes

zero 10X high performance scooter

Introducing the Zero 10X, an electric scooter unfortunately overshadowed by the rest today; however, the 10X offers some serious speed and a remarkable range. With a top speed of 40 mp/h and range of 60 miles, the Zero 10X is certainly on par with top-end models. However, the models featured in this article were 56 mp/h, 120 mile beasts… Who can compete with that? The Zero 10X offers great performance at almost half the price of the Thunder. Really, the 10X is an ideal performance scooter for those on a bit of a budget.

Emphasis on “bit”, the Zero 10X still costs a pretty penny! What really surprised us is the single 1000W motor in the 10X, it must be an incredible motor to propel it to 40 mp/h on just 1000W. Further featuring front & rear LED lights aiding in helping you stay seen and safe, no matter the time; however, we insist that riders wear suitable protective gear (such as a helmet & high-visibility jacket) when riding at night or over 20 mp/h.

Thanks for reading our fastest electric scooters of 2023 review, we hope we’ve answered any doubts you may have had. As always, we hope you enjoyed reading this article, discover more electric scooter reviews here. Alternatively, take a look at our electric scooter Black Friday 2023 article for any potential savings and deals!

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