Apollo Releases one of the Most Powerful Scooters of 2023

Apollo Phantom Available for Pre-Order: One of the Most Powerful Scooters of 2023

apollo phantom release date pre order

As of March 15th, pre-orders are now available for the Apollo Phantom; one of the most powerful electric scooters to release this year. The team at Apollo never fail to amaze, every one of their eScooter range packs great power & performance.

Originally planned with dual 800W motors and a 52V 18 aH battery, Apollo scrapped this design and went for something much bigger and badder. This year, it’s clear that they’re taking another step further with the Phantom, featuring a bigger battery and dual 1200W motors.

Faster than the Explore, lighter than the Pro

Essentially, the Phantom is a middle ground between the Explore & Pro, offering a lighter and more compact alternative. Although a little lighter than predecessors at 77 lbs (34 kg), this is still a fairly heavy model in comparison. Although, such a weight means that the Phantom supports weights of up to 300 lbs (136 kg), which should prove more than enough for most. We’ll soon have our hands on this model for ourselves, so ensure you check back here later for our full in-depth Apollo Phantom review this 2023; when it arrives!

apollo phantom pre order

Brilliant battery & remarkable range/speed

As always, Apollo utilise a top-tier battery from Dynavolt, in this instance a 52V 23.4 aH Li-ion offering a range of up to 40 miles. We feel such a great range enables use for this electric scooter for long term commuters, eScooter enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Their team state that they’re focusing on “safety without compromise of power”, which is always a good sign. We feel that safety is especially important on these monstrously powerful models that propel to speeds of up to 38 mp/h.

We seriously recommend wearing a helmet at bare minimum when riding this beast. Following suit with its predecessors, this model is outfitted with large 160mm disc brakes, allowing for sharp & responsive stopping power; another key factor in ensuring rider safety. Riders can choose between standard brake options or upgraded NUTT hydraulic brakes (+$150). Their team place such confidence in this model, they believe it’s one of the first high-performance scooters to feature an electric brake comparable to that of the Boosted Rev, another industry leader.

Superior suspension & an unbeatable design

Alongside this, the Phantom also claims double the suspension of previous models, equipped with proprietary quadruple spring suspension (QSS), one of the first of its kind; it’s honestly very rare to find models with such superb suspension. Although this may prompt a higher price tag, we can’t wait to see the difference this extra suspension makes. As it stands, dual spring already offers a suitably smooth ride, so quadruple is going to be like riding on silk!

Their team have enlisted additional support from a design group with over 10 years of scooter manufacturing experience. Therefore as expected, the design is as epic as ever, with almost geometric shaping throughout the frame for an awesome aesthetic. Not only is it one of the most powerful eScooters of 2023, it’s certainly also one of the most stylish. Feel free to order from the 15th of March, with delivery by November/December.

Easily one of the best models of 2023

The company states that this model will not replace any current scooters in the line up. Instead, it adds an extra option for riders looking for a compromise between the Explore & Pro models. As if it wasn’t already powerful enough, the Phantom also comes in an upgraded variant, boasting a bigger battery & bigger tires.

Furthermore, we feel confident that Apollo will pull through with one of the best performing & best quality electric scooters on the market; and they think so too, quoted as saying “it will be the best scooter we’ve ever made, hands down”. A pretty big claim, considering their array of award-winning designs within their range.

If you’re interested, we really recommend pre-ordering today & savings yourself $425 ($300 pre-order discount & free $125 Apollo Toolkit). Thanks for reading our article, feel free to return to our news section; or come back soon for our in-depth Apollo Phantom review.

most powerful electric scooter of 2023