Varla Release New Pegasus eScooter


Introducing the Pegasus, the latest eScooter from Varla; who are committed to providing high-performance electric scooters. Evolving into modern demands, they have placed a keen interest in creating the means for a memorable ride and experience.

On the topic of modern innovations, they have developed their latest electric scooter; the PEGASUS. This model is a recent upgraded city commuter scooter, packed with outstanding premium features perfect for heavy duty use. Since the Eagle One, they’ve taken a keen look at the flexibility, breaks, lights, tires and more.

Boasting a number of great features, we feel that this model has serious potential. Prior to launch, the Pegasus scooter underwent testing by professional riders. It is arguably a great contribution to riders, including prospective riders.

Varla Pegasus review 2023


With a 48V battery capacity and highly responsive disc brakes; results of the performance test verified that it runs at an average speed of 35 mp/h, with a load capacity or weight of approx. 300 lbs (136 kg). It is designed with an easy-to-use throttle for a smooth and longer-lasting experience.

The Pegasus eScooter claims a max. power output of 1600W; a big advantage over most other scooters not from the Varla brand. More so, it covers 28 miles at a full ride. It is technically designed to adjust and run at 25 degrees for harsh environments, hills and rugged slopes, without impacting the rider.

Additionally, Varla Pegasus Scooter is one of the best choices for emergency braking and avoiding accidents. Developed with dual disc brakes, instant brake application is safe and easy. The rubber handle grips are comfortable, grippy and clearly of high quality. Everything is conveniently situated, allowing for riders to easily break, operate lights, check speed and more.



The flexibility and portability of the Varla Pegasus sets it apart from other eScooters. Capable of fitting perfectly into a car, train carriage or bus; riders will easily transport and store their ride. Truly a direct mobility upgrade in comparison to the larger Eagle One.

However, please note that the handlebars are not removable or foldable. Keep this in mind when attempting to store it or transport it through a tight space. However, it remains lightweight and maintains great mobility. Another upgrade over their previous Eagle One model its light weight. Thanks to this, riders can easily lift and manueoveur the Pegasus manually in vehicles or trains.

For an easy guide on how to fold and unfold your Pegasus scooter, check the user manual. It only takes easy three steps to package the scooter.


Another great feature of the Varla Pegasus Scooter is the conveniently located components; with grippy rubber handlebars and a clear display showcasing speed, mileage, battery life and more. Riders can easily rotate the handlebars while riding to ensure greater grip and control.

A thumb throttle is located on the right handlebar of the Pegasus, a change from the thumb throttle on the Eagle One. The left side of the handlebar contains a three-way power control button; including a ride mode switch and featured toggle for display.

The controls are carefully placed and streamlined for quick and easy access, accommodating both beginners and experts alike. We feel that most riders will easily pick up the controls and functions of this eScooter.

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The Varla Pegasus is easily configured and maintained to suit a variety of purposes. For easy maintenance, please;

  • Avoid riding in the rain or heavy weather condition.
  • Wash it at least once in two weeks. Whilst regular and frequent washing is not advisable, try to keep it clean after tough use.
  • Follow the user maintenance guide as directed in the user manual.

The Pegasus comes packaged with a handy tool-kit feature, allowing for easy repairs and maintenance. For complete control over this eScooter, riders can customise settings through the display; simply hold the mode button, before using direction buttons to input desired values. This will first require some understanding of the controller.


High quality tyres have always been an important component of any eScooter. They offer greater grip, control and rider safety. As such, the Varla Pegasus is no exception; boasting some of the best tires available for a relaxed riding experience. The 3.5″ wide solid rubber tires allow riders to travel long distances without worrying about punctures. Although a little tougher to replace, they have a much longer lifespan than air-filled rubber tires.

These tires support both on and off-road riding, which is quite uncommon for a commuting scooter to offer. Even on wet floors and roads, these tires maintain a rough surface supporting friction; preventing any slipping or accidents.


Varla Pegasus has a one-push control setup for the thumb throttle, making access and speed convenient and swift. Coupled with its efficient braking power and heat dissipation method makes it safe and in good condition during and after use. It is not easily affected by wet or dry temperature conditions, so an excellent opportunity to enjoy your scooter.


As previously mentioned, the Eagle One is another model from Varla, boasting brilliant power and performance. An extremely powerful scooter, riders seeking a rapid ride should look no further. Although both claiming similar features and designs, the Eagle One certainly offers the best performance.

Varla Pegasus Varla Eagle One
Who it is for? Commuters mainly riding on flat roads, with daily mileage less than 15 miles Bigger riders seeking high speeds and comfortable long-distance rides
Speed 35 MPH 40 MPH
Mile 28 Miles 40 Miles
Max. Load 300 lbs 330 lbs
Charging Time 4-5 hours (Quick Charger 3.0A) 4-5 Hours (Two Charger)
8-9 Hours (Single Chargers)
Tire Fat Solid Tire Pneumatic tire
Wheel Size 8×3.5-inch 10×3-inch
Motor 2x500W 2x1000W
Battery 48V 15.6Ah 52V 18.2Ah
Throttle Thumb Throttle Trigger Throttle
Price $1299 $1599

As a city scooter, the Varla Pegasus is designed to be relatively lightweight; whilst supporting a max. load of 300 lbs. Whilst it accommodates a similar weight to the Eagle One, it is much lighter with a smaller battery. One direct improvement over its predecessor are the puncture-proof solid rubber tires; adding far greater reliability when riding.

We believe that this model makes a perfect choice for many riders; however the price tag means that may typically be reserved for serious commuters. Although, we feel that its top-quality design and such great performance makes it worth the price.


To conclude, the Varla Pegasus is a great new eScooter model, with hopes of innovating and reshaping the future of electric commuting scooters. We believe it offers quite a comfortable ride for the vast majority of riders. We were especially impressed with its performance both on and off-road; typically most commuting scooters only excel on the road. Alongside this, integrated lights allow for riding at both day and night, truly an ideal choice for many inner-city  commuters.

See it for yourself and experience a remarkable ride like never before.