Mercedes Benz enters the fray with a 500W, full suspension electric scooter

500W Mercedes-Benz branded, full-suspension eScooter

For any & all Mercedes lovers looking to get their own model, the big day may have just come a lot earlier than expected. Today, Mercedes-Benz revealed their latest vehicle, a folding electric scooter simply named “eScooter”. Forged in a partnership between Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG & Mercedes, the two have come together to produce the perfect scooter. MMS boast years of experience in the field of micromobility, working closely with a number of world-renowned brands. For example, last year they helped BMW in creating their own last-mile electric scooter. However, Mercedes’ model appears to boast a bigger motor and greater strength.

mercedes benz eScooter

What we know so far

For starters, this model certainly packs some power, featuring a 500W peak rated front hub motor, a beefy 280Wh battery pack and dual front & rear suspension; all ensuring a smooth and unforgettable ride. Whilst not breaking any records in regards to eBikes, it certainly meets and even exceeds some expectations in comparison to other last-mile electric scooters. Riders should expect an average range of approx. 25 km (15.5 miles), with variables such as rider weight, incline, terrain, etc. also affecting performance.

Whilst boasting a decent range, the top speed of 20 km/h (12 mp/h) feels fairly lacklustre; leaving us still seeking greater speeds. Of course, for casual commuting use, this speed should prove more than adequate. In the mean time, feel free to watch the company video below, covering the eScooter in greater detail. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a photo of the full scooter, just a few promotional shots. Due to their partnership with Swiss scooter maker Micro, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the specs are similar to their Suspension or Merlin models.

Patience is a virtue

One thing worth noting, the Mercedes-Benz eScooter also claims slightly larger wheels than other conventional scooters; measuring 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter. Alongside this, it also claims a remarkably robust and durable design. For starters, Mercedes state that it should withstand up to 5,000 km (3,000 miles) of use. As a “last-mile” vehicle, this sounds like an impressive amount of use out of such a small, portable ride. Weighing in at just 13.5 kg (29.7 lbs), riders should have no problems packing, storing or transporting their brillianty bold Mercedez-Benz eScooter.

Due to a lack of details or official release, we eagerly await news regarding release date, price and other specs. It’s refreshing to see so many manufacturers and renowned brands taking a turn at their own electric vehicles. Keep checking back here for the day this exciting eScooter eventually releases. Until then, feel free to discover our selection of hoverboard, electric skateboards, eBike & eScooter reviews here.